ASICS GT-1000 5 Review

If you are an avid runner, you probably already know that Asics is one of the leading brands in the running community. They offer a wide range of products that suit every type of runner out there. That's an advantage if you are looking for a specific type of running shoes. In this review we take a closer look at the Asics GT-1000 5 model.

ASICS GT-1000 5 Review
ASICS GT-1000 5 Review

Asics GT-1000 5 is created for runners who have flat feet and they have a difficult time finding the right gear that would help them run comfortably. The designers added some extra features that will prevent the possible pain and help you move better.

A closer look at Asics GT-1000 5

While Asics didn’t reinvent the running shoe with this model, it is still worth your attention, especially to those of you who have flat feet. If your arch is low and you noticed that you are more prone to joint pain, as well as stiffness in your lower back, it might be time to change your running gear. So let’s dive in.

Quick overview

Asics GT-1000 5 is quite light and very breathable running shoe that features extra cushioning that will prevent the stress on your joints. The midsole is very firm and has enough support to get you through both short and long distances.

The overall design appears to be very similar to the previous GT 1000 version but there are some corrections that make this shoe even more interesting, such as cushioning and the width itself. So if you need a tighter fit and more motion control while you are out there, Asics GT might be for you.

GT 1000 are made by Asics which is a company that has a very long tradition of creating exceptional running shoes. Their goal is to provide their loyal customers with the best possible fitness gear that will help them reach their goals and stay comfortable in the process.


  • Super comfortable and very breathable, even on long runs.
  • Firm midsole that will help you with the stability while you run.
  • Very affordable running shoes that can fit into anyone’s budget.


  • Upper part might wear out quicker than the sole.
  • The tongue can slip to the side in the middle of your run.
  • Watch out for the sizing because the model itself is slightly smaller than the usual.


Asics GT-1000 5 is an all-around running shoe that will reduce the pronation which is common with runners who have flat feet. The midsole should help you control your stride which is very important, and the gel cushioning will make sure your heels, ankles, and knees are comfortable at all times.

Soles are layered and they will last you for a long time even if you use them on a weekly basis. There are a couple of minor issues, mainly with the quality of the upper materials but that could have been expected since the price is quite low.

ASICS GT-1000 5 Review
ASICS GT-1000 5 Review

Who is this product for?

Since Asics GT-1000 5 has a firm midsole, it is an ideal shoe for runners who have flat feet. Price is quite low so it is also suitable for beginners who want to start running. These shoes are ideal if you're concerned about your running form or stability and you have a tight budget.

ASICS GT-1000 5 running shoes are designed to correct your stride and keep your body safe. They will provide enough support to the arch of your foot and make you feel comfortable until the very end of your run.

Key features of GT 1000

  • Impact Guidance System: This is a well-known feature in Asics running shoes that has been very successful with the novice runners. The shape of these shoes will gradually correct your stride and the way you contact the ground. So if you tend to hit the surface with your heel and hard, you can correct that over time.
  • SpEVA in the midsole: Midsole simply has to be both firm and comfortable when it comes to running shoes which were designed for flat feet. SpEVA technology is placed here in order to provide you with both support and cushioning. The midsole will not be bending in the middle of the shoe which is quite important.
  • Stable heel: Making sure that your heel is in the right place should be one of your top priorities. GT 1000 has DuoMax technology which will position your feet properly and your balance will be excellent even on the long runs when you feel a bit tired. Plus, the heel strike will be reduced.
  • Reflective details: The upper part is made of breathable mesh so your feet will not get too hot no matter how much you move. There are also some reflective details on the heel and around the lace holes which will make you more visible if you run in low light conditions.

What the users are saying?

I am a fan of Asics running shoes but GT 1000 5 is by far my favorite model. I do have patellar tendinitis in my knee so running longer distances would often bring out the pain once I am done with the training. The arch support is excellent and now I can run for up to five miles without feeling any discomfort afterward. I also like the price because it is affordable but the quality of these shoes is undeniable.
Ranthon 007
The overall fit really stands out and I love the cushioning in the midsole. They almost feel like walking on clouds. I have worn them for a couple of days now and I can confirm that they molded to my feet effortlessly. I did have one pair of Asics running shoes before and they lasted me a very long time so I hope these will be durable as well.
I did have issues with the size of Asics GT-1000 5. I usually wear a size twelve, but when I got these shoes, they didn’t fit me at all and the toe box is smaller than what I am used to from Asics. I did manage to get a pair that is half number larger and they fit me well. Make sure you keep an eye on that if you plan to order these running shoes online. You might need to measure your feet just to make sure it is the right fit.
I have been using Asics GT running shoes for years now but this particular model seems to be a bit narrow. I do have wide feet so I always look for roomier shoes that will make me feel comfortable. Hopefully, the fabric will stretch a bit over time. I still think that the cushioning is superb and the design is quite good.
Fishin' Fool

FAQ & Additional Tips

What is the difference between GT 1000 5 and GT 1000 4?

While it might not be obvious from the very first glance, there are plenty of differences between these two models. First of all, GT 1000 5 is narrower than its predecessor. The shape of the toe box has been updated so the shoes are not as wide as before. The heel part features extra cushioning and there is more Asics Gel that will provide you with extra support.

How much do they cost?

Asics GT-1000 5 are quite affordable and you can purchase them for somewhere between $64 and $150, depending on a store. They are one of the more budget-friendly models made by Asics.

How to find running shoes for flat feet?

There are several indicators that will tell you if a model is made for flat feet. The heel should be firm and supported, while the mid-sole part needs to be a bit stiff. If the shoes bend in the middle easily, they are definitely not made for flat feet.

Are Asics GT shoes breathable?

The mesh which is located at the upper part is pretty light and well ventilated. Your feet will be able to stay cool regardless of the running conditions outside.

How much do they weight?

Asics GT-1000 5 weigh 295g or 10.40oz. That number is expected because they do have more layers in the midsole.

Can I use these shoes on a trail?

Asics GT line is created for running on firm surfaces such as roads and treadmills. But if you need some extra support for your feet, you can try running shorter trail distances in them. Be extra careful if you are not used to running on trails.

Final thoughts

While they might not be the most revolutionary running shoes out there, Asics GT-1000 5 is a solid model that will benefit the runners who have flat feet. The overall design is quite classic and you will have plenty of color combinations to choose from. No problem to find the ones that fit your style and personality.

These shoes feature extra support in the midsole but they are still flexible where needed. They will protect your ankle and help you deal with knee pain which is often associated with flat feet. And you will learn how to gradually decrease over-pronation.

I think that Asics GT-1000 5 are solid running shoes that are both high-quality and affordable. So if you want to run longer and safer without feeling any pain, they might be the pair you need.

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