Merrell Trail Glove 3 Review

Running on trails in minimalist shoes is very exciting, especially to those of you who want to bring your fitness to a whole new level. So finding the right footwear is quite important. Merrell Trail Glove 3 is one of the latest additions to this brand’s product line. These shoes are an improved version of an old classic and they will provide you with incredible stability and safety while you are conquering your favorite trails.

Merrell Trail Glove 3 Review
Merrell Trail Glove 3 Review

And as you will see in this Merrell Trail Glove 3 review, these minimalist running shoes are ideal for beginners who need a comfortable transition to a more natural way of running. So let’s dive in!

Merrell Trail Glove 3 review

Merrell Trail Glove 3 is the perfect combination of the newest technologies that will help you run quicker and easier on all terrains while providing you with just the right amount of support and stability.

Merrell is known for making high-quality footwear that can last for a very long time. Their products are quite popular within the running community as well and they established themselves as one of the leading brands when it comes to trail running.

What we like about Merrell Trail Glove 3
  • Quite flexible and lightweight
  • Provide you with a perfect fit
  • Increased breathability and ventilation
  • Vibram soles for stability and comfort
  • Very beginner friendly
What we don't like about Merrell Trail Glove 3
  • The sizing is a bit off so make sure you check the measurements
  • The arch support might be uncomfortable to some runners
  • Slightly wider model that can be large for narrow feet

Merrell Trail Glove 3 is a versatile running shoe that can be used by runners of all levels. However, we have to point out that they are the ideal footwear for runners who are just starting to explore minimalist running shoes but are not yet comfortable to go out there without any arch support whatsoever.

Merrell Trail Glove 3 Review
Merrell Trail Glove 3 Review
Merrell Trail Glove 3 key features

These minimalist running shoes do come with plenty of benefits and features. Here are some of them.

  • Vibram outsole:

If you need both quality and performance, Vibram outsole has it all. It is durable and will allow you to safely contact the ground, keeping you stable on uneven surfaces. Vibram outsole will last you for miles and miles without showing any signs of wear.

As previously mentioned, Merrell Trail Glove 3 is quite flexible but they have a very stable heel. You will be able to run naturally and have excellent sensitivity in these running shoes.

Merrell Trail Glove 3 Review
  • M-Select Fresh technology:

You don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors because Merrell Trail Glove has improved ventilation that will get rid of any lingering smell and keep the bacteria away even if you run in very humid conditions. A unique combination of ingredients will prevent the microbes to multiply, leaving your shoes odorless and clean.

  • Omni-Fit lacing:

These shoes are called Glove 3 for a reason and that is because of the impeccable fit you will get with Omni-Fit lacing. Your feet will be in place and tightly secured in Merrell Trail Glove because the laces will go all around them.

The model itself is slightly wider than the usual, but runners with narrow feet will be able to lace them up perfectly thanks to Omni-Fit laces.

  • TrailProtect pad:

Designed for the toughest surfaces, the TrailProtect pad is built in the soles and will keep your feet safe while you are exploring a new trail or running your known routes. When combined with Vibram soles, the TrailProtect pad will keep you protected from stones and uneven surfaces, making your runs a lot more enjoyable.

It adds to the overall comfort of these shoes and will be quite useful for marathoners and long-distance runners who prefer minimalist running shoes instead of the standard ones.

  • Breathable synthetic:

Running shoes do need to have excellent ventilation in both cold and warm months. If your feet can breathe, you can be certain that there will be no blisters or wounds after your runs.

Merrell Trail Glove 3 raised the bar by creating the shoes that can be used in all conditions. Your feet will be fresh and running in wet conditions will not be a problem. The upper part also has reflective details which will make you visible in traffic.

  • Vegan-friendly running shoes:

This will be particularly thrilling to those of you who are cruelty-free and concerned about the environment. Merrell Trail Glove 3 is entirely made of vegan-friendly materials.

Thoughts and comments by users

The best way to determine how useful these minimalist running shoes really are is to take a closer look at what the runners are saying. So we have included some of the most useful comments in this Merrell Trail Glove 3 review:

I’ve had Merrell Trail Glove 3 for ten months now and I used to wear them only when running. Now they are my go-to shoes for everyday activities. I do run on rocky terrain and in a desert so I did expect to see some wear pretty quickly. However, the soles look perfect. I am a heavy guy and I cover at least five miles every single day. I also like running in hot weather but that doesn’t have any impact on the shoes and they still look great!
I am a long distance runner and I am currently on my third pair of Merrell Trail Glove 3. I absolutely love them because I don’t feel any discomfort even when running up to fifty miles a day. If you are looking for durable minimalist running shoes, look no further. But keep in mind that they have a minimal amount of support and you simply need to get used to them.
Julian P.
I think that Merrell Trail Glove 3 is a nice successor to Trail Glove 1. I used to have a pair and I see plenty of similarities but also a lot of improvements. Surely, there are some differences when it comes to the overall design but I really liked the fact that it didn’t take me a long time to get used to them. You forget about the arch support quickly and the feet adapt naturally. And I have to mention that the breathability and ventilation are outstanding.
I like the grip and the stability but I really struggled to be comfortable in these shoes. It took me a while to break them and experience the flexibility of the sole. I disliked the arch support at first but as soon as the shoes became more flexible, I did learn to love it. My feet were sore at first so expect a couple of painful runs if these are your first minimalist shoes.
FAQ about Merrell Trail Glove 3
How much do Merrell Trail Glove 3 Cost?

Merrell Trail Glove 3 are in mid-range when it comes to the price. They are still quite affordable and you will get excellent running shoes that will last you for a very long time, regardless of how frequently you run. You can purchase them for somewhere in between $69.98 and $120.18, depending on where you shop.

How much do they weight?

They are really light and one shoe weighs 7oz or 198g. If we include the flexibility, you will get the perfect shoes that feel almost like you are running barefoot.

Are these running shoes suitable for all terrains?

Even though they are called Trail Glove, you can safely use them on roads as well. They are all-around running shoes that can be used in all temperatures and seasons due to excellent ventilation. The upper part can keep the outside moisture away from your feet as well.

Are they beginner friendly?

Absolutely! They do have 0mm heel to toe drop but there is still some arch support in the middle that will play a key role in transitioning from the standard running shoes to minimal models. However, if you have experience with running in minimal shoes, you might find this insert a bit uncomfortable.

What makes Trail Glove 3 different from the previous models?

Merrell Trail Glove 3 features plenty of novelties when it comes to design. For instance, it has an improved arch support that will guard you against rocks and other sharp surfaces. The lacing technology is also redesigned and they will fit your feet properly.

Merrell Trail Glove 3 Review
Merrell Trail Glove 3 final thoughts

Running on trails in minimalistic shoes can be uncomfortable, especially if you are just starting out. Trails are uneven and tricky so you need reliable footwear that will take you to the finish line every single time. And this is where Merrell Trail Glove 3 comes in focus.

It is the perfect blend of comfort and minimalism with exceptional design that will be useful to you on all terrains. The soles are stable and will let you contact the surface in a confident way, while the upper part will keep your feet in place.

If you are a trail runner who wants to work on their speed and reach personal fitness goals, Merrell Trail Glove 3 might be the perfect shoes that will help you along the way.

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