Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review

Over the years I’ve come to learn that the difference between a good run and a bad one lies heavily on the shoe. Have you ever gone running in a seemingly good shoe that only caused you misery? I once bought this incredible looking running shoes online. But on the very first day I ran in it, the insole started coming off and it rubbed against my foot causing blisters. I couldn’t do my usual run for two days after the incident. The Mizuno Wave Catalyst is a lightweight stability shoe that promises to enhance every runner’s experience.

Preliminary Impression of Mizuno Wave Catalyst

The Wave Catalyst is a product of Mizuno, the same company that introduced Wave Elixir into the market.

The look of the shoe is conventional and it feels light; about 9oz which is pretty much what Elixir weighed.

The fabric used on the upper side of the shoe seems breathable and the shoe comes in a range of exciting colors. I was particularly drawn to the Chinese flaming red.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review

It’s a shoe with the potential to appeal to a wide base of runners from pro athletes to beginners. Because it’s lightweight and snug it can be used for moderate to high mileage runs.

It has a great fit which leaves room in the toe box and it’s adequately snug in the forefoot and heel.

What we like about Mizuno Wave Catalyst
  • It’s lightweight which means you can be fast on your feet with it and still get the stability needed during a run.
  • The upper unit is made up of an AIR mesh which enhances breathability and helps keep your feet dry and cool the entire time.
  • The heel is sturdy but flexible so you’re able to comfortably arch your foot during a run without experiencing resistance. That way you can run even faster. The upper of the shoe has stretch capability further enhancing flexibility.
  • It appears like any traditional running shoe but a good number of reviewers have appreciated its durability.
  • The show comes in a variety of widths which include narrow and wide so there is a perfect fit for everyone.
  • It’s well cushioned thus giving support and protecting your feet from ground impact during a run.
Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review
What we don't like about Mizuno Wave Catalyst
  • Some runners feel that the Mizuno Wave Catalyst could use a bit more stability. Especially for off-road runners who transverse rough terrains during runs.
  • I sometimes like to run without socks on. And I noticed with the Wave Catalyst I could feel the Runbird logo’s stitching in the medial and lateral sides of the shoe. It can’t be felt with socks on though so I can’t really say that was a deal breaker for me.
  • In comparison with other running shoes in the market, the Wave Catalyst is a little pricey.
Mizuno Wave Catalyst key features
  • The upper is made from breathable Airmesh. Usage of overlays ensures that the upper maintains its position and shape thus providing stability which is key for all runners. There are overlays in the heel side placed at the point where the mesh has been reinforced. So you don’t have to be concerned about feeling the stitching on your foot.
  • The Mizuno Wave Elixir was not ideal for high mileage running but the Wave Catalyst is.
  • The shoe’s midsole is made from the U4ic material which is cushier, more durable and lighter than what was used in the Wave Elixir.
  • The outsole in the forefront contains blown rubber which adds to the shoe’s cushier appeal. The blown rubber is also softer than the carbon that was used in the Wave Elixir’s outsole.
  • The term offset refers to the measurement of the drop from a raised heel to a lower toe. The Wave Catalyst has a drop of 10mm and this indicates that it will give you more speed than its predecessor Wave Elixir.
  • It’s impossible to talk about the Wave Catalyst without mentioning weight. It weighs slightly more than the Elixir due to its extra cushioning. However the shoe is still light compared to many other running shoes and this makes it ideal for fast runs.
Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review

The Wave Catalyst is easily likable and appeals to a wide range of runners from the pro athlete to the casual runner. If you’re looking at getting more support without foregoing speed, then the Wave Catalyst might just be the perfect running shoe for you.

Is The Mizuno Wave Catalyst For You?

What type of runner are you and is the Mizuno Wave Catalyst ideal for you?

The Wave Catalyst was designed for fast runners who are looking for additional support. It’s ideal for everyday training and fast paced training as it provides just the right amount of cushioning to buffer you from impact during your workouts.

It’s also ideal for runners who take part in races and marathons. These runners cannot afford to compromise speed. Yet the rigorous training involved demands that they get adequate cushioning and support. All of which the Wave Catalyst provides.

Additional Mizuno Wave Catalyst features and benefits
The Upper

The Wave Catalyst’s upper makes use of both the traditional sewn uppers from older versions of running shoes and the newer welded overlays. Employing both techniques in the shoe’s design and the use of Air mesh is what give this shoe its perfect fit and helps make it light and breathable.

Midsole Form

The U4ic foam material used in the midsole is soft but firm and thus enhances stability. If you enjoy running off-road, you need a shoe with stability to prevent sprains and joint pains. These occur as a result of impact with the ground on rough terrains.

The other incredible aspect about this shoe’s midsole is the fact that it accommodates people with flat feet. You don’t have to worry about the pain and discomfort that comes with most running shoes if you’ve got flat feet. The Mizuno Wave Catalyst have got you covered.

The Wave Plate

The wave plate refers to a piece of plastic that is placed in the midsole starting from the heel all the way to the ankle. The great thing about the Wave plate in the Wave Catalyst is the fact that it comes in different shapes and heights. Thus maximizing support and cushioning especially for runners who experience joint pain in the ankles as a result of overuse.


The blown rubber used on the outsole helps keep the shoe light. It also makes it easier for the shoe to bend easily with the natural movement of the foot during a run. This helps to ensure that you don’t strain your feet during your run.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst Review
Mizuno Wave Catalyst Customer Reviews

There have been mixed reactions to the Wave Catalyst but generally, most runners have given positive feedback.

One high mileage runner said that he initially bought a pair out of curiosity after reading a review on the Runner’s World Magazine. And so far he enjoys wearing them on a regular basis. He states that the fact that they fit perfectly and are light makes him enjoy his runs even more.

A beginner runner from Austin Texas said the Wave Catalyst has helped her deal with over pronation. Thanks to the shoe providing decent cushioning and good support for short runs.

A casual runner who weighs 195 lbs noted that after a 300-mile run, the shoe held it’s own. It was light, fast and responsive. He, however, adds that the cushioning is not as high as what he's experienced in other shoes.

A marathoner liked the look of the shoe. But he was not happy with the fit and he says the shoe hurt his shins when running. Also the sides kept digging into his ankles.

Where To Buy & For How Much

You can now buy the new Mizuno Wave Catalyst from Amazon or Road Runner if you prefer shopping online. It is also available in some of the leading sports stores across the country.

The Men’s version is retailing between $59.95 and $109.95 and is available in various stores including Road Runner. The female model can be bought from stores such as Holabird at a discounted price of $59.95.

Depending on location once you order online, you will have the shoe delivered to your doorstep in just a couple of days.

Mizuno Wave Catalyst Final Verdict

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Catalyst is a great running shoe. I’m a casual runner with limited experience in high mileage running. But from having used the shoe for my runs and even at the gym, I think it has the potential for high mileage running.

Having owned a pair of the Wave Elixir, I can definitely say that the Wave Catalyst is an improvement of the Elixir. It fits better and I like that it comes with different width options thus accommodating those of us with wide feet.

It’s affordable and various online stores have discount offers on the shoe so why not take advantage and buy the shoe so that you can experience if for yourself.

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