New Balance 1260v6 Review

New Balance 1260v6 review

Whether a professional runner or a novice, I’m sure you can agree that finding the right running shoe goes beyond color and style. I’ve often made mistakes by buying running shoes based on the first visual impression. The New Balance 1260v6 is a truly beautiful shoe. But it has much more to it than that. In this review, we take a closer look.

Have you ever bought a running shoe that looks absolutely splendid but only ended up hurting your feet, causing blisters, calluses, bunions, or even corns? I know I have and that’s why I’d like to share my experience with the new balance 1260v6 running shoes; totally life changing.

About The New Balance 1260v6

The 1260v6 is a running shoe designed and manufactured by New balance. The company that has in the last century been designing sports products including some of the best athletic shoes in the market. The 1260v6 running shoe was designed and manufactured following extensive research so as to help athletes achieve the very best.

New Balance 1260v6 first impressions

The first thing that struck me when I got myself a pair of the 1260v6 running shoes was the design. From the print to the detail on the sole, this shoe will definitely catch your eye.

New Balance 1260v6 Review

My running experience in this shoe just took my respect for it to a whole new level. It offers high stability when running and I think partly because the forefoot sole is about a quarter inch wider than what we find in some of the best running shoes that offer moderate stability.

Usually, after going for long runs for consecutive days it’s normal for me to experience some discomfort in my forefront. With the 1260v6 however, I didn’t have a similar experience. The shoe’s midsole provides great cushioning in the forefoot while having a smooth solid base all through.

Who is New Balance 1260v6 ideal for

If you’re a heavy striker, then this shoe is ideal for you. It contains an N2 pod delicately embedded in the heel to help in absorbing the impact you’re bound to experience during a run. Because the shoe has REVlite foam, it both light and springy making your running experience even more enjoyable.

The shoe’s outsole is phenomenal and has six quartered pods delicately encased in the forefoot. The same design extends to the rest of the shoe’s surface.

There is a space under the shoe’s heel that helps expel unneeded weight from the shoe.

New Balance 1260v6 Review

This shoe not only provides stability when running, but it is also flexible, due to the material used in the upper section of the shoe. The midsole is also very flexible and contains a T-Beam, which adds to the midsole’s flexibility.

I’m the kind of person that enjoys wearing my running shoes any other day not just when on a run. The New Balance 1260v6 come in such attractive colors and they look great with jeans, shorts or even pants.

Pros of New Balance 1260v6
  • Stability. I’ve worn many running shoes over the years but I haven’t found one that has the stability of the new 1230v6. You’ll definitely feel the difference when you run in this shoe.
  • Very durable compared to other similar shoes on the market.
  • It has got incredible cushioning. If your feet are delicate and you worry about calluses and bunions when on the run then you don’t have to worry about that with this shoe.
  • Fascinating design detail. From the print on the fabric to the sole this shoe is just beautifully designed.
  • The shoe is made from better materials than what was used in earlier versions. For instance, the midsole is made from ABZORB foam, the outsole has Ndurance which is a very tough carbon latex material.
  • The shoe comes highly recommended for individuals with flat feet. If you have flat feet, you won’t have to add in a special insole with this running shoe. It will give you the support and comfort needed on your runs.
  • The N-Durance technology helps the shoe survive the most challenging terrains without becoming undone thanks to its toughness. If you enjoying running off the road, then this is the ideal shoe for you.
  • Even the laces are made from a much better material and I love how once I tie them up I can run without worrying about them getting undone.
  • One of the things I enjoy the most about this shoe is how well it fits. The New Balance 1260v6 has enough width to accommodate even the widest of feet.
New Balance 1260v6 Review
Cons of New Balance 1260v6

It would be pretentious of me to talk about how great the shoe is without acknowledging that it has some disadvantages albeit few.

  • The cons of the shoe include the fact that it is heavier than your regular running shoe and when you first wear it you might feel like the weight is slowing you down but with time I got used to it.

The clunkiness of the shoe in part helps in providing stability while running so although it might make it difficult for you to make quick steps during your run, it is an important feature at the end of the day.

Is the New Balance 1260v6 for you?

If you are a casual runner, male or female between the ages of 25 to 50 who runs 2 to 4 times a week, then this shoe is ideal for you. You might even be keen on participating in races at least once every year and if you do, you’ll definitely enjoy doing so in this shoe.

When you go shopping, you’ll find that there are male and female versions of the shoe and they come in different color palates for you to choose from.

Because it’s wider than most running shoes, it provides enough wiggle room while providing the much-needed support and stability.

New Balance 1260v6 Review
Customer Reviews

A level five expert from runner’s world noted that during wear-testers most participants said the new balance 1260v6 was heavy and hardcore. Most participants in the test agreed that the shoe was durable and offered stability.

Kristin Lassen, a level 3 expert from Running Shoes Guru notes that the New balance 1260v6’s most notable feature is it’s cushioning and stability. She, however, adds that the shoe’s heaviness is its drawback.

A level two expert for Runner light says that the shoes can be used for high mileage daily training or running because they’re super comfortable. He, however, notes that they aren’t appropriate for speed works due to their heavy weight.

Options to the New Balance 1260v6 running shoes

I’ve had experience running with different kinds of shoes in the past and some come close to the New Balance 1260v6.

The Asics Gel Pursue, for instance, is quite similar to the New Balance 1260v6 but offer less stability and flexibility.

The NB 1260v5 is another great comparison because they offer similar stability and are actually lighter than the New Balance 1260v6.

Lastly, we have the Nike Zoom Vomero which are currently the heaviest running shoes in the market at the moment. They provide great cushioning and are pretty comfortable.

Pricing of New Balance 1260v6

The price slightly varies depending on where you choose to do your shopping. The Men’s model ranges in price from $97.88 to $149.95 and are available in various stores including Running Warehouse, Holabird Sports and Roadrunner Sports, while the ladies model can be found at Running Warehouse, Holabird sports and Zappos for between $97.88 and $134.99.

Use of New Balance 1260v6

The New Balance 1260v6 was designed with the intention of improving performance during running. Because of their stability and comfort, they are ideal for high mileage runs.

The expensive materials used in making them is partly the reason why it’s such an expensive running shoe. The high price in comparison to other brands could be the reason why some people are shying away from buying them and perhaps waiting for some discounts on the same.

I have not regretted buying my pair because it has changed my running experience for the better and I can assure you it is a worthwhile investment.

Availability of New Balance 1260v6

The shoe is available for sale in most leading sports stores across the country. I bought mine online through Amazon. The shoe is gaining popularity and so more and more stores have started stocking it.

New Balance 1260v6 Review
Shipping & Delivery

You have the option of purchasing the shoe online. Amazon only facilitates domestic shipping for this product so for international shipping explore other alternatives.

When you shop at Amazon you can get a free return on some sizes and colors and select options are also available at lower prices.

Final Verdict

I would recommend the new balance 1260v6 to every casual runner. Professional athletes would probably prefer a different kind of shoe because the weight would affect their ability to run fast.

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