Osprey Rev 6 Review

If you are a long distance runner, you do need to pack some necessities with you that will come in handy after you cover some mileage. However, traditional backpacks are definitely not the best option because they will constrain your movement and the fit will probably be off. But Osprey Rev 6 is designed especially for runners and it will keep you hydrated at all times.

As you will see in this Osprey Rev 6 review, they paid close attention to details and the overall look of this backpack. There are a couple of ground-breaking features that will help you a lot while you are out there. So let's begin!

A closer look at Osprey Rev 6

It might not look fancy at the first glance but Osprey Rev 6 is a minimalist running backpack that can carry everything you might need on your run and then some more. It will perform well and your speed will not be compromised by the unnecessary movement of the pack as you run.

Osprey Rev 6 Review
Osprey Rev 6 quick overview

When it comes to backpacks, the comfort should be the top priority. Osprey Rev 6 delivers on that by using plenty of cushioning in the back which is both breathable and soft against your skin. But the best feature of this backpack is its hydration bladder.

Of course, there are three Biostretch straps on the front that will keep the backpack in place as you move and they can be adjusted for the perfect fit. The hydration bladder is separated from the main compartment and it has its own sleeve. You will get plenty of storage space in there as well – a total of 5 or 6 liters, depending on the size you choose.

With two mesh pockets on the sides, you will be able to reach for things in the middle of your run without slowing down. And if you need some extra layers of clothing, you can always pack a light jacket in the bungee cords which are secure and firm.

Osprey Rev 6 Pros
  • Very comfortable back panel that features breathable mesh
  • Hydration bladder that can carry up to 1.5 liters of water
  • Plenty of storage options with very accessible pockets on the back
Osprey Rev 6 Cons
  • Digiflip media pocket is a miss because larger phones might not be able to fit in properly
  • The front mesh pockets are awkwardly placed
Osprey Rev 6 Verdict

Osprey Rev 6 backpack is made of quality materials and it is very compact. The size is perfect for runners and you will not even feel the weight on your back because of Biostretch body wrap harness which will distribute the load evenly.

The storage space is enough for the majority of runners out there and you will have instant access to anything you might need. But there are a couple of useless pockets which could have been designed better. All in all, the backpack itself is super comfortable and it can most certainly help you out with your training.

Who is Osprey Rev 6 for?

Osprey Rev 6 is made for active people, namely runners, and hikers but bikers can use it as well. It has plenty of specific additions that are tailored for everyone who wants to move freely without any restrictions. And the water in the hydration bladder will not weigh you down because it is sectioned into two different parts.

It is the best backpack for runners who cover long distances such as 10K and more due to its size. It will also be useful for people who prefer trails because you can pack everything you might need while you are out there.

Key features of Osprey Rev 6

  • Hydraulics water bladder: With the volume of 1.5 liters, the water bladder is positioned close to the back for the best fit. It can be filled up quickly and you will be able to see exactly how much liquid is inside because of the outside markers. Magnetic bite valve will keep the hose connected to the sternum strap while you run.
  • High-quality materials: The fabric feels very firm and the backpack itself is very durable. You will also notice that the seams are very neat and strong. Osprey will give you a lifetime warranty as well which speaks volumes about the quality of the build.
  • Excellent storage solutions: Besides the main compartment and the sleeve which holds the water bladder, you will get two side pockets that are secured with zippers, as well as two mesh pockets on top of them. There is also a bungee cord and shoulder strap pockets. As you can see, you will have quick access to all of the things instantly.
  • Elevated comfort: The best running backpacks should have stability during movement and Osprey Rev 6 delivers on that. Biostretch straps are incredibly comfortable and secure while the back panel is padded so it can stay next to your body without feeling stuffy or hot.

What the users are saying?

I am short so I was a bit concerned about the fit of Osprey Rev 6. But it is still compact enough to fit me perfectly. The extra straps are very useful and they keep the backpack in place. However, I am thinking about purchasing a bigger water bladder because 1.5 liters is not enough for my long hikes. The volume is excellent and I can fit everything I need for the day. I wish I had purchased it sooner.
I ran a 50K trail race with Osprey Rev 6 on my back and I had everything I needed with me including the food, first aid, a jacket, additional socks, and more. It might be the best running backpack I used so far. The hydration bladder was enough between the stations. I really like the removable cell phone pouch because I can fit smaller items inside and have them close to me. I will keep using it on my daily runs because it performed so well when needed.
I have been using this backpack for several weeks now and I am very pleased with my purchase. It is light and the fit is excellent. The hydration bladder is well-balanced and it doesn’t move while you run which is exactly what I need. My only complaint is that the main storage area lacks some organization. I would love to see more pockets, flaps, and pouches on the inside as well so I could pack my things better. But I do understand that this would add some weight so I am pleased with Osprey Rev 6 as it is.
I will start this short Osprey Rev 6 review by saying that I like the fit of the backpack and it is an excellent companion on my long runs. There are so many useful pockets and storage options. However, the hydration bladder is leaky and the placement of the opening seems to make things worse. It should have been placed on the top of the backpack.

FAQ & Additional Tips

Will I receive a hydration bladder with my purchase?

Yes, the hydration system will arrive with the pack. You can always select a larger bladder if 1.5 liters is not enough for your runs or hikes. However, everything larger than 2 liters will not fit into the backpack without taking extra space in the main compartment.

Can I use it for hiking?

Osprey Rev 6 can hold everything you might need on short day hikes. You might require a bigger backpack with more volume if you plan on spending more than a day in the wilderness.

How much does it cost?

You will be able to purchase Osprey Rev 6 for somewhere between $75 and $100. Having in mind all the features and benefits as well as the overall quality of the backpack, the price is quite affordable.

Are there different sizes of Osprey Rev 6?

Yes, you can choose between two sizes. Small/Medium had 5 liters of volume while Medium/Large is slightly bigger with the volume of 6 liters.

Which phones can fit into the DigiFlip media pocket?

Any phone which is smaller than an iPhone 6+ can fit into DigiFlip media pocket. If your phone is larger, you would have to find another storage solution.

Osprey Rev 6 Final Thoughts

It is clear that Osprey managed to create an exceptional backpack for runners by listening to their needs and preferences. They combined the quality build with excellent ideas that will be very useful to many of you on your long runs.

The overall design is outstanding and the designers included so many interesting details that are both innovative and useful. The size is very compact and the backpack will sit perfectly against your back as you conquer those long miles. You can run comfortably knowing that you have all the fuel and water you might need during training.

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