Vitchelo V800 Headlamp Review

Runners who prefer to train in low light conditions simply need to have some sort of light source during those darker hours of a day. It keeps them safe, visible, and help them follow a road or a path. This is where Vitchelo V800 comes into a spotlight because it is a solid piece of running equipment that has the amazing power of illumination.

Vitchelo headlamp will be irreplaceable in numerous situations and you can not only use it for running but bringing it with you on camping trips is also a good idea.

Vitchelo V800 Review

Finding a headlamp that is both powerful and lightweight can be difficult. After all, you don't want do carry any extra weight with you while you are running, do you?

Vitchelo V800 is made for various activities such as hiking, running, biking, camping, and so on. It is understandable that you need to have a good view of your surroundings in those situations in order to move freely and safely.

Vitchelo is a brand that makes outdoor equipment. They do understand their customers and know that making simple but high-quality products is the best way to encourage people to go out there and explore nature.

Vitchelo V800 Pros
  • Vitchelo V800 has 168 lumens which can illuminate an area of about 110 meters (of 360 feet). The beam is quite powerful and you will get outstanding brightness regardless of the time of the day (or night) you train in.
  • There are two separate buttons on the lamp and each control a different light. You can switch between white and red, depending on the situation, and controlling the level of brightness will also be easy because you have a total of six options.
  • Vitchelo V800 has a comfortable elastic band that can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. It will not move during the run so you can be sure the headlamp will not fall off your head in the middle of the activity.
  • You can adjust the angle of the beam easily and the lamp will stay locked in place no matter how much you move afterward. The construction of this headlamp is outstanding for this price and the plastic feels durable.
Vitchelo V800 Cons
  • While Vitchelo headlamp is water resistant and can be used in rain, keep it away from deep water. It is not waterproof and will probably stop working if you submerge it completely.
  • Vitchelo V800 will arrive with batteries but they are not rechargeable. Therefore, you have to buy a new pair as soon as you empty these out.

If you are looking for a powerful but lightweight headlamp, Vitchelo V800 might be something you should take a closer look at. Even though it is quite budget-friendly, you will get a quality product that looks good and feels expensive.

Adding two buttons for each light was a very smart move and this small feature makes Vitchelo headlamp very beginner friendly. So if you need illumination for running on trails but you are new to this type of equipment, Vitchelo V800 might be for you.

Who is Vitchelo V800 for?

Trail runners of all levels would enjoy Vitchelo V800 because it is not super expensive but will provide them with excellent illumination while they are running in nature. This headlamp is also very easy to use so if you have never owned a similar product before, you will learn how to operate it in just a couple of minutes.

It will also be useful for runners who are busy throughout the day and only have time to train at night. Vitchelo headlamp will make them visible on the side of a road as well so they will be safe if they run in traffic.

Vitchelo V800 Key Features
  • White and red light – You can use both options, depending on your needs. It is also important to mention that the red light can glow steady and not only blink which will help out with your night vision.
  • Two separate buttons for each light – Choosing between red and white light will be easy with this feature and you can do it as you move without any troubles or discomfort.
  • Six levels of illumination – You can select the perfect amount of light you need in a given situation and keep the trail visible in front of you.
  • Powerful beam – The light can reach up to 110 meters in front of you which make Vitchelo headlamp one of the most powerful lightweight options out there.
  • Boost mode – If you need bright light right away without going through all levels first, there is a Boost option that will turn on the strongest light in just a couple of clicks.
  • Three AAA batteries – Vitchelo V800 requires three AAA batteries to work. They will last you for hours and hours, depending on the strength of the beam you choose.
What are users of Vitchelo V800 saying

There are plenty of runners who have tried this product by Vitchelo and here are their thoughts:

The light is really powerful and I like the fact that it has three lamps – one in the middle, two smaller LED lights on each side, and one red LED light. I was a bit confused by Boost mode which gives you the brightest illumination right away but I quickly learned how to power it on. It became my favorite feature on Vitchelo V800.
Ubaldo B.
I love the simplicity of the control buttons. You will not lose time by constantly pressing on a single button in order to find the light that suits your running conditions. Touch to full is a very nice addition that might be tricky to master but you will get there quickly if you read the manual. The battery compartment is also well made and it feels better than the ones found on more expensive models. The overall construction looks high-quality and when you see the price, Vitchelo V800 is a bargain.
I like the red light on Vitchelo headlamp and it can last for days without changing the batteries. It is a water-resistant lamp and I did use it without any problems in very humid and wet conditions. However, I did notice that the moisture somehow got in the lamp so it was turning itself on and off. I did put it through extreme conditions so that was expected. I love the lamp overall and the white light is useful as well, especially in a pouring rain.
FAQ & Additional Tips
Do I need a screwdriver to change the batteries?

No, there is no screw on the battery cover. All you need to do is to pull it up with your fingers and you will have full access to the batteries. You can replace them without using any tools which is very convenient when you are away from home.

Is Vitchelo V800 stable while running?

Yes, this headlamp has an adjustable band that will fit you perfectly and it will not move as you run on trails. It is made for movement and activity so you don’t have to wear a cap or a headband underneath it in order to keep it in place.

How much does it weigh?

Once you put in the batteries, Vitchelo headlamp weighs exactly 3.1oz or 88g. It is quite light and you won’t even feel it on your head which makes it super comfortable.

How long do the batteries last?

It really depends on the mode you use. If you set it to the highest beam, the batteries will last for up to 30 hours. However, lower settings mean longer battery life, so if you use less powerful light, the batteries can hold for 120 hours.

Can I wash the headband?

Yes, but you have to remove it from the lamp first. The lamp itself shouldn’t be submerged in water but the strap can be cleaned on its own. Wash it as any other piece of clothing because it doesn’t require any special treatment.

How strong is the red light?

The red light is slightly weaker than the white and it has 80 lumens. The visibility will still be good and your night vision will be solid.

Final Verdict

When we take a look at all Vitchelo V800 features, it is clear that this headlamp will be super useful for runners who usually train in low light conditions. Vitchelo headlamp is impressive and it will increase your visibility when needed.

It weighs next to nothing and once you adjust the band, the lamp will stay in place regardless of your running tempo. Of course, there are a couple of drawbacks such as the fact that the headlamp is not waterproof but only water resistant which shouldn’t be an issue for runners since you will not be diving with Vitchelo V800. It can survive heavy rain and sweat which is more than enough.

It is a versatile product that will bring your night runs to a whole new level so if you are looking for a budget friendly option, Vitchelo V800 headlamp might be exactly what you need.

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